Pawsome Growth Insurance

What if Your Puppy Outgrow the Harness That You Plan to Purchase?
With the purchase of our classic harness, you are eligible to receive Pawsome Growth Insurance or PGI. PGI allows you to return that SAME harness within 9 months after your purchase only for a larger size, as we know our furry-friends will potentially outgrow the smaller size. This insurance is only valid once. Once the harness is returned for a larger size, it is cleaned and donated to one of our partnered local charities, shelters, and other organizations to help our other furry-friends. So far, we have partnered with Houston Pets Alive and we plan to collaborate with many more local shelters with the growth of our company. You can add PGI to your once you have selected a harness to add to your cart. 

PGI Coverage Details and Questions

* What is Pawsome Growth Insurance or PGI?

With this plan, Completely Seven will replace a harness for a larger size one within 9 months from the purchase date. In our experience, most dogs are fully grown after 9-12 months! Only the harnesses purchased directly through are eligible for PGI coverage.

PGI must be added at the time of purchase, and it is fully transferable in case you buy the product for someone else or someone else gifts it to you.


* What is the cost of PGI?

Harnesses: $9.99 per each harness


* How long do I have to exchange the harness  for a larger one?

All claims must be made within 9 months of purchase.


How many harnesses will be replaced?

Completely Seven will replace the reversible or adjustable harness only once. The plan will then be considered fulfilled and no other exchanges/returns will be accepted.


* How do I start the exchange process?

Please reach out to us directly at to start the process. We will check inventory upon each request and ship within the 1-2 business days. This is also available for pick up and drop off by appointment only. Please allow up to 24hours response time.


* What are the requirements of the plan?

You must return the current harness by mail or in person. For ALL in person returns/pick-ups, you must have an appointment. 

The harness must be in wearable condition. Items with major tears, cuts, or damage will not be replaced. Normal wear/tear is acceptable and, in fact, expected!

The PGI is not intended to replace damaged items because of biting or other intentional physical harm.


What if my order contains multiple harnesses?

If you want to protect all items bought, you must get a PGI for each of them; however, you can get one PGI and use it for any of the items.

For example, if you buy 3 harnesses, you can purchase a total of 3 PGIs (one for each item) or you may purchase one Harness PGI and use it for any harness or collar bought.

Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions! Please allow up to 24hours response time. 


 * Who pays for shipping?

You are responsible for shipping the item to be replaced back to Completely Seven. When received, Completely Seven will ship the larger item to you at no additional cost using First-Class mail.


* What design pattern will I receive?

You will receive the larger item in the same pattern originally purchased.

For example, if you bought the small "Classic Logo" harness with the PGI and your puppy outgrew it, we will exchange the harness for another "Classic Logo" harness in a medium or large.


* What happens if my design and desired size is out of stock?

If this happens, you will be able to choose a different pattern from the same collection. For example, if you originally bought the "Classic Logo" Harness in a small and we are out of stock in the desired size, you can choose a different style from the "Classic Collection" For example, the "Classic Melon"


 * Can I exchange the product for a smaller size?

No, the PGI is only designed to replace the harness due to growth.


 * What if I purchased a PGI but do not use it?

If you choose not to upgrade your harness within 9 months, please message us at and we will issue a code for the credit value of the PGI that can be applied towards your next Completely Seven order!


* Is the PGI refundable?

No refunds will be issued; however, we can generate a code for the credit value of the purchase plan to be used at within 9 months from the date of purchase.


* What happens to the products that are returned?

Because they cannot be resold, we donate all returned items to local charities, shelters, or other organizations that can put them to use. That is the main reason why the items have to be in wearable condition.